Sales Lead generation 8 Powerful B2B Sales Lead Generation Techniques To aid You Reach Your Sales Prospects

Meet Bill, he’s the owner and CEO of a growing, mid-sized manufacturing online business. Bill is in his early s, wears glasses and tries his best to squeeze a good early-morning workout whenever he can. He prefers to wear golf shirts and khakis, donning a suit only when he needs to.

Bill drives a late model SUV with a booster seat in a corner seat for his four-year-old daughter. He’s harried, Automotive Industry Mailing Lists worries about managing his company’s growth. He really wants to leverage technology to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, and to cancel out the rising costs of doing business, but doesn’t know where to start. Helen is his director of sales. She’s , single, a competitive runner, as well as being partial to s rock n roll. She drives a new BMW convertible. She struggles with managing twelve salespeople, many who should be years older then the ex.

Helen wants the company to invest in an unique CRM system to replace the contact management they long ago outgrew, but wonders how she’ll convince Bill and the company’s CFO to spend the amount. Bill and Helen are not real people, but they’re regarding one of the most powerful tools you can use to better connect with prospects and customers: persona-based marketing. Persona-based marketing is an element Hollywood characterization and part business analytics. It involves constructing a fictional customer-based on real-life data and intelligence-and then using that character as the touchstone for promotional and selling decisions.

Persona-based marketing surpasses simple demographic data Persona-based marketing describes who a prospect or customer is, by also answering questions about their behavior such as: what keeps duty awake at evenings? How does he spend his year? How does she like to be sold to? This concept can help you, as a business-to-business marketer by creating a vivid, tangible picture of your best prospects or customers, and then sculpting a marketing message that’s pertinent back to their concerns, and move them to inquire and buy.